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Bored on Your Laptop? This is What You Can Do

Even with all the possibilities and activities that internet has to offer, you can still get bored with your laptop. You must have experienced this in the past when the device is with you, and the internet is available for you to access but sometimes boredom stuck, and you just don’t know what to do. It’s a typical thing to happen especially around this time of the year when the holiday seems like a good idea only in the beginning, and later on, you find yourself not knowing what else you should do to fill your time. Here are some things that you can do to entertain yourself.

Save online videos

online videosHaving all of your videos that you like and you want to watch in the future offline is excellent for many reasons. This way you make the file accessible to your whenever you want to open. Even if you don’t have internet because the wi-fi is off or you are somewhere off the grid youtube video downloader MP4 will let you watch your videos. Archive all kinds of things just in case you will need it in the future.

Edit your pictures

Use whatever software that you have or install if you don’t have to and there is an online website where you can edit your pictures. I know it seems like a random thing to do, but you have nothing to do so why not edit your photographs. You don’t have to be into photography to do this because the goal is not to make it look better but just to entertain yourself and see if you can turn it into better or worse.

Play online games

online gamesThere are many simple games on the internet that you can play if you are not looking to do anything that requires heavy thinking. Use the search engine to find what you like and give it a try, who knows if you will stick with that game for the long run.

Watch movies

watchingUsing a video downloader that you trust, save movies from the internet to watch it later. The reason why you should not stream the film is that there are so many things that can go wrong. A movie is at least an hour long, and in that amount of time, anything can happen like bad internet connection for example. For the movie to get interrupted in the middle is a total nightmare that can be a turn off for us who were watching seriously.


Must-Have Features for Gaming SSD

In the search for improvement for your gaming experience, you will probably need an SSD (solid-state drive). If you are struggling with poor framerates, the problem is your GPU, and adding an SSD to your setup will not improve your gaming experience very much. As you may already know, the job an SSD does is to improve loading times in games. This is because their data transfer speeds go up to 400 MB/s and more, whereas HDD’s (hard disk drives) go up to 200 MB/s, and that sets them apart on this particular specification.


With that in mind, it is important for to make a good choice when purchasing a new SSD for your gaming setup, and so we have brought a summary of the main features the best SSD’s out in the market have. So let us get on topic.

Reading Speed

This is perhaps the most important spec to check out in an SSD before purchasing it. This is because it throws a lot of light on the speed—that is the main benefit you were looking for in the first place. The normal range of reading speeds goes from 450 MB/s to 600 MB/s. Although you have to keep in mind, there are models with an out-of-this-world 2500 MB/s read speed. For writing speeds, on the other hand, we usually have a little bit slower speeds, but it’s not really significant; they also move from 400 MB/s to 600 MB/s on average.


This is really important to ask when buying one of these because some of them only run on PC’s, leaving other systems uncovered. The ideal SSD should be compatible with most of the hardware platforms out there.


This could be an obvious aspect of the functioning of these devices, but seek out for the ones that do not overheat. Moreover, opt for the ones that have the ability to endure your gaming demand on a daily basis.


GAMING SSD1This is one of the most varied specs because there is no standard on what a good capacity of storage is for these devices. To give you an idea, it very well goes from 100 MB up to 4 TB. Basically, this factor will depend on the amount of information you would want to write on the drive. Most of the best ssd for gaming out there offer many options of the same model, just with different storage capacities, so don’t worry, you won’t have to buy a 4 TB drive if you don’t need it.


Naturally, you will want your data safe when using your SSD. Therefore, you might want to look for SSD’s with encryption systems that give the safety you need.


The trend with processing technologies is for them to be as small as they can so that they do not take up much of your space. Hence, bear that in mind when buying one of these drives.

Computer games

Buying the best gaming desktops online

Sometimes, when you are looking for the best gaming desktops, the best thing to do is to buy online. This is because you are going to find lots of options. In addition to that, online computer stores give you a lot of information about every item and accessory and therefore, making the right choice will be much easier. Simply search through any of your favorite search engines, and you will come across countless results. The fact that the items are displayed on their websites means that you have a chance to quickly go through them, and determine if the site has what you want. You also can quickly juggle between various websites and compare the products that you find there before choosing the one that seems suitable. However, there are sometimes when people encounter lots of problems when they shop for similar items from online retailers. Here is how to avoid these problems.

Know the kinds of games you want

Computer gaming

It is not possible to buy the right desktop computers when you hardly understand what you want to do with them. When you go online, you will notice that every computer that you come across is meant for specific games. In fact, there are those that are designed for totally different types of use from gaming. This is the reason you have to carefully determine what games you will be playing because they are the ones that determine the capacity and other features of computers to be bought.

Read a lot of online reviews


It is a good thing that online retailers always review their products. Apart from their own reviews, you have access to reviews from independent professionals and customers who have already bought these computers. This shows you just how much resources you have. Do not be lazy by skipping the reviews because they may just be what stops you from making serious mistakes. Choose a few and read the details just to see what others have experienced when using these comps. It also becomes even more important when the reviews offer a comparison to other computers of similar capacity.

Make sure that you check all the computer features

ComputerThere are times when buyers only look at the name of a computer, its image, and decide to buy. If you check out every computer on the websites, there are sections where specifications are offered. This is where you get to see the real features of every item. Through this section, you can know about the ROM, RAM, screen size, graphics card, processing speed, and connectivity of every computer. Do not just look at the images alone because you might just end up purchasing something that is totally different from what you need.

When you choose to buy these desktops online, you also should find out the suitability of the supplier. It is advisable to go for reputed online stores so that you can save yourself from the many troubles that clueless buyers have to go through. It also is important to go for sellers that have a wide variety of gaming machines and accessories.

Quadcopter mini drone

Top-Rated Drones Under £100

Outlined here below are the best cheap drones on the current market. You can purchase them for up to £100. You can easily get one without breaking your bank. The following are the best drones under 100 in the United Kingdom. People have been using them as secondary drones or as their first choice gadgets.

Huban X4 H107C 2.4G $ CHRC Quadcopter With 0.3 Ca

Huban quadcopter drone

mera RTF-Black/Red

It has stylish black and red theme. Besides, and it has a high degree of stability, and it is well designed. It also features a video recorder, a flight control systems and adjustable gyro sensitivity. Its camera is well attachedand it can be used for capturing high-quality pictures. This gadget arrives when it is fully assembled. This is advantageous to the consumer.

DCH-330 Quadcopter drone with built-i Video camera-4 channel, six-axis & gryo

It has an inbuilt camera making it one of the best options under this category. It features plastic protectors that enable it to bounce off the walls when it is being flown downward. It crashes quite well. For proper functioning of the camera, users are advised to use an SD card. Its battery can last for about ten minutes. It is considered as one of the greatest choices for children and beginners.

New Hubsan H 107D Quadcopter Mini RC FPV UFO RTF Drone Live Video Screen Camera

Hubsan quadcopter drone

This is one of the most efficient flying drones but it is small. It is mainly used for aerial inspection. It has control range about 100 m. Its camera is capable of capturing images. With this gadget, you can add different types of accessories. Most of the accessories used in drones are compatible with it. It is known for responding well to the movements triggered by the control system.


Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt

This device is a perfect choice for the young children who love flying squads. In fact, it is safe for their use. Its body is composed of foam that gives it an impeccable durability. Again, it does not pose any threat to other people and its users. Users are discouraged from flying it in high winds because it is very light. This drone can remain steady during its flight, but it can still drift forward sometimes. It is a fantastic design for beginners and young children.

wireless gaming router

Choosing the best wireless gaming router

Playing games at home with your HD LCD television and game console is quite enjoyable. However, some games are enjoyable when they are played in multiplayer mode. In fact, gaming has changed to multiplayer from standalone mode. Nowadays, you can even subscribe to XBOB live and play several multiplayer games online. This allows you to play online games anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. Thus, you need a wireless gaming router.

gaming router 25As you know, online gaming requires broadband internet connection. The wireless router is the most important device you require to have a secure gaming infrastructure. This can allow you to enjoy live gaming from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you will not need to deal with a clutter of wires. However, how can you get the best router for online gaming? The truth is that online gaming requires a secured network, high speed, high performance, low noise, and reliable connection. The following are things to consider when choosing a gaming router:

Buying a gaming router

High speed connection

As you know, gaming is quite intensive as far as bandwidth is concerned. It requires high-speed wireless or wired connection. Usually, game consoles have 100 Mbps Ethernet port. You require a high-speed wireless connection. It is advisable to go for the wireless N standard. The majority of routers with this technology are compatible with smart antenna MMO technology. Combination of MMO and wireless N technologies is bound to increase the distance coverage and system performance.

Quality of services

Remember that intensive bandwidth applications need high quality services. Therefore, wireless gaming routers you purchase ought to support QoS technology. This means that you can provide prioritization over game application such as file downloading and web browsing. Routers that support QoS technology allow prioritization of both wireless and wired internet traffic. This is necessary to enhance the gaming experience.

DMZ support

Exposing your laptop top wild internet can make it vulnerable to attacks and threats. Thus, you need a secure system to protect your home network and personal information. This is possible by developing a security boundary. This is where DMZ feature comes at hand. Ensure you purchase a gaming router that has DMZ feature.gaming router 2542

Dual-band support

Most wireless routers do support dual-band feature which supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. This is quite beneficial as you can play HD videos and games. Your gaming router ought to support dual-band because of signal interference from microwave oven, cordless phones, and automatic garage doors.


How to maintain your privacy on the internet


The internet is the best thing that has ever happened in the world of technology and innovation in our generation. It has improved every aspect of human life. The internet has enhanced communication which has improved business transactions, education, medicine and many other things. Millions of people around the world are earning a living through the internet. Some through clean ways and some through dirty means. However, nothing comes purely positive and without its negativity.

Many people have gotten into trouble, and others lost millions of money through the internet. Therefore, you need to be very careful whenever you are using the internet. There are people who are online for fraud and others are there to cause trouble simply. Some can hack your social accounts or sites and demand money or expose your privacy. To avoid such incidences, you need to beef up your online security by observing simple online safety measures. This article will enlighten you on how to maintain your web credibility and privacy. Continue reading the guideline below.

Safe browsing

22mnbvmcbvThe best way to stop malware google history clean regularly. You should clear cookies often after you use your Chrome, Firefox or internet explorer browser. This can be effectively done by using the WebCacheKiller service or any other cache cleaning package. Ensure that you log out of your social media accounts or any other account whenever you want to go offline. Also, you can hide IP address by using a legit Virtual Private Network commonly referred to as VPN.

Linking accounts

Avoid linking two or more accounts. Linking accounts puts your accounts vulnerable and easy to manipulate. Many sites give an option of linking accounts to our google account. For instance, they can allow you to link every Gmail account in a particular browser. Though it is convenient, the linking of accounts can put your privacy at risk. In fact, when one account is compromised, it means that all the accounts that are linked will be at risk as well. Therefore, ensure that you unlink any linked account to ensure that your information is protected.

Stronger passwords

Always ensure that your accounts have strong passwords which include many characters that are not easy to be guessed. The username and your password should always remain a secret. Most people are too lazy to create complex passwords to protect their account. Most people sign up for simple passwords because they fear to forget. However, they forget that there are recovery options.

Creating a complex password will help you to maintain your web credibility and privacy. Other internet users use the same passwords across all the accounts. This is very dangerous because you lose contact with all your account at once and you will not have a chance to recover any of them back. To avoid such situations include numerals, capital letters, small letters and other signs, etc.

Blocking cookies

33cbvcvnj,You might have seen pop-ups requesting you to allow a given site to send you cookies using the browser. Make sure that you block all the third party cookies that may appear on your browser. Blocking these cookies makes it harder for such scam websites to track online activities.


Reasons to buy sports gadget online

If you are a sports person or you occasionally go to the gym, it is important to invest in sports gadgets. With the growth of technology, having the right gadgets will improve your experience and efficiency in sports. In the modern day, the common sports gadgets include sports watches, heart rate monitor, GPS trackers, and other gadgets. All you need to do is to look for a gadget that will help you in serving your needs well. The best place to buy sports gadget is by shopping online.

Advantages of buying sports gadgets online

Compare prices

One of the main reason to buy sports gadgets online is for the sake of comparing prices. When buying gadgets online, you have the freedom to compare prices from different sellers online. Buying online is the best way to make sure that you get the best deal that is available. Apart from getting a platform where you can compare prices, you also get an opportunity to enjoy discounts and coupons that are usually common in online sales.



When buying online at, you have the opportunity to get the convenience of buying from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to spend a lot of time going to shop and find whatever you are looking for. You can always look for something that you like without leaving your home. Once you identify what you want, you pay online, and the product is delivered at your doorstep. This is a good way to save time that could have spent moving around.

Read reviews

sdfsdfsfsIt is important to gather all the information about the product that you want to buy. Buying sports gadgets online gives you an opportunity to read reviews and know what the other users have to say about the product. You can also take an opportunity to read about the features of the product and how to use the product. Buying the products online is the best way to get a lot of information before you make a purchase.

Wide range

Buying products online exposes you to a wide variety of products. You can always choose to know the product that is right for you. If you are not sure of the product that you want, then going online is the best place to get all the resources that you need. You can always use different platforms to get a wide range of products.


Tip for buying flash drives

Flash drive is an important accessory in the world of the computer. You need to have that can suit your need. If you plan to buy a USB flash drive or you need to upgrade your existing one then are several factors you have to consider to get the right unit. The following are some of these factors.


This is by far the most important factor of consideration. To decide on the capacity to buy, you have to put into consideration your requirements. They come in various capacities like 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. These different capacities are suitable for different files. 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB are suitable for JPEG photos, text documents meant for use online. Flash drives of 32GB capacity are ideal for art files and videos that are large. Get to know your needs before you buy a flash drive.personaltechrightsabdfjgkh


When you store files on a flash drive, you expect them to be safe and secure. To protect these files, you need to have a flash drive with component-level encryption security systems. The level of protection depends on the documents you want to store on the flash drive. You should, however, choose a flash drive which has a password protection.


Even if you are planning to buy a flash drive that is big enough with necessary features, it can be of no value if it gets damaged after a little tear and wears. To ensure you buy a drive that will last long, choose one that is made from hard materials like anodized aluminum casings. You may also choose drives made from plastic but make sure the caps have a tether. Choosing waterproof drives helps you protect your flash drive from getting damaged by water.

Transfer speed

personaltechleftghcjknbmThe last thing you want to experience is waiting for long hours for your files to be transferred. If you use the flash drive to transfer files larger than few kilobytes, then pay attention to your drive’s transfer speed. To be safe, choose drives that have speeds of up to 25MB per second.

These are some of the factors you need to have in mind when purchasing a flash drive. Also, make sure you buy from a store that is reputable. Ensure that you choose a flash drive that is attractive for emotional gratification.


How to choose a 3D printer

The 3D printer usually makes three-dimensional objects which vary from toys, parts models, and tools. This printing technology is used in various industries and sectors, and therefore the machines are popular and relatively affordable today. You may choose a small printer for home needs and bigger and more sophisticated models for purposes of industrial production. The market is populated with these printers today, so it is wise to consider the important factors to get a machine capable of meeting your printing objectives.

Important factors to consider when choosing a 3D printer

Printing materials

When selecting a 3D printer, you have to think about the material, filaments, spools with which it is compatible. There are different types of materials, and some machines use only specific materials. The major options available are resin, polystyrene, wood, stainless steel and nylon. Check out the cons and pros of each material then make sure the machine you purchase will accommodate the material you want for you 3D productions.hardwarerightasdhfjgknb

Printing technology

Different printers use different technologies. The most popular technology is the plastic jet printing (PJP) and it entails creating objects by layering plastic materials successively till the object is made completely. The layers are made using a modeling software and formed when the plastic material is extruded in continuous lengths through a heated nozzle. Immediately after extrusion, the material hardens. Think carefully about the technology of the printer before buying.

Machine features

With advancement in technology, the printer becomes more sophisticated each day. Most printers come with interesting features that are designed to make the process enjoyable and easier. Some features which matter when choosing a 3D printer are connectivity, LCD, and display, assembling as well as additional features like automatic material recognition, camera, and combined abilities. This means you can use the same printer for scanning, printing, faxing and copying. If you care about the looks of the printer, then you should also consider aesthetics.

Printing software

Most of these printers come with printing software so you can rotate, resize or scale the model to suit your desire. The software allows you to choose various printing stings like layer thickness and fill type. You may consider modeling software that can breathe life in your 3D creations.

Printing attributes

hardwareleftsfavdgfhkYour need should guide you in choosing the perfect printer as far as performance attributes are concerned. When checking out the printer attribute, think of the print are, layer resolution, extruders and printing speed. No machine is similar completely to the next hence ensure you buy a printer whose attributes will meet your specific needs.

These printers are useful in different sectors, and it is important that you consider these factors to get the best 3D printer.

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