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Choosing the best wireless gaming router

Playing games at home with your HD LCD television and game console is quite enjoyable. However, some games are enjoyable when they are played in multiplayer mode. In fact, gaming has changed to multiplayer from standalone mode. Nowadays, you can even subscribe to XBOB live and play several multiplayer games online. This allows you to play online games anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. Thus, you need a wireless gaming router.

gaming router 25As you know, online gaming requires broadband internet connection. The wireless router is the most important device you require to have a secure gaming infrastructure. This can allow you to enjoy live gaming from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you will not need to deal with a clutter of wires. However, how can you get the best router for online gaming? The truth is that online gaming requires a secured network, high speed, high performance, low noise, and reliable connection. The following are things to consider when choosing a gaming router:

Buying a gaming router

High speed connection

As you know, gaming is quite intensive as far as bandwidth is concerned. It requires high-speed wireless or wired connection. Usually, game consoles have 100 Mbps Ethernet port. You require a high-speed wireless connection. It is advisable to go for the wireless N standard. The majority of routers with this technology are compatible with smart antenna MMO technology. Combination of MMO and wireless N technologies is bound to increase the distance coverage and system performance.

Quality of services

Remember that intensive bandwidth applications need high quality services. Therefore, wireless gaming routers you purchase ought to support QoS technology. This means that you can provide prioritization over game application such as file downloading and web browsing. Routers that support QoS technology allow prioritization of both wireless and wired internet traffic. This is necessary to enhance the gaming experience.

DMZ support

Exposing your laptop top wild internet can make it vulnerable to attacks and threats. Thus, you need a secure system to protect your home network and personal information. This is possible by developing a security boundary. This is where DMZ feature comes at hand. Ensure you purchase a gaming router that has DMZ feature.gaming router 2542

Dual-band support

Most wireless routers do support dual-band feature which supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. This is quite beneficial as you can play HD videos and games. Your gaming router ought to support dual-band because of signal interference from microwave oven, cordless phones, and automatic garage doors.