How to maintain your privacy on the internet


The internet is the best thing that has ever happened in the world of technology and innovation in our generation. It has improved every aspect of human life. The internet has enhanced communication which has improved business transactions, education, medicine and many other things. Millions of people around the world are earning a living through the internet. Some through clean ways and some through dirty means. However, nothing comes purely positive and without its negativity.

Many people have gotten into trouble, and others lost millions of money through the internet. Therefore, you need to be very careful whenever you are using the internet. There are people who are online for fraud and others are there to cause trouble simply. Some can hack your social accounts or sites and demand money or expose your privacy. To avoid such incidences, you need to beef up your online security by observing simple online safety measures. This article will enlighten you on how to maintain your web credibility and privacy. Continue reading the guideline below.

Safe browsing

22mnbvmcbvThe best way to stop malware google history clean regularly. You should clear cookies often after you use your Chrome, Firefox or internet explorer browser. This can be effectively done by using the WebCacheKiller service or any other cache cleaning package. Ensure that you log out of your social media accounts or any other account whenever you want to go offline. Also, you can hide IP address by using a legit Virtual Private Network commonly referred to as VPN.

Linking accounts

Avoid linking two or more accounts. Linking accounts puts your accounts vulnerable and easy to manipulate. Many sites give an option of linking accounts to our google account. For instance, they can allow you to link every Gmail account in a particular browser. Though it is convenient, the linking of accounts can put your privacy at risk. In fact, when one account is compromised, it means that all the accounts that are linked will be at risk as well. Therefore, ensure that you unlink any linked account to ensure that your information is protected.

Stronger passwords

Always ensure that your accounts have strong passwords which include many characters that are not easy to be guessed. The username and your password should always remain a secret. Most people are too lazy to create complex passwords to protect their account. Most people sign up for simple passwords because they fear to forget. However, they forget that there are recovery options.

Creating a complex password will help you to maintain your web credibility and privacy. Other internet users use the same passwords across all the accounts. This is very dangerous because you lose contact with all your account at once and you will not have a chance to recover any of them back. To avoid such situations include numerals, capital letters, small letters and other signs, etc.

Blocking cookies

33cbvcvnj,You might have seen pop-ups requesting you to allow a given site to send you cookies using the browser. Make sure that you block all the third party cookies that may appear on your browser. Blocking these cookies makes it harder for such scam websites to track online activities.