Tips to get the right laptop


Today it is easy to get intimidated by the various laptop models that are on the market. There are many models of laptops in the market. The key to getting the right laptop lies in stepping back and considering exactly how you intend to use the laptop. Defining your needs before buying a laptop makes it easy for you to buy the right laptop much easier. Some basic factors for consideration are outlined here.


In the computing world, size matters a lot. The size of your laptop affects its display size as well as its portability. If you are always moving around or use your laptop in short bursts, then an ultralight will be appropriate for you. If you spend hours on your laptop then, you will need a bigger display. Some laptops display sizes nowadays exceed seventeen inches, rivaling the size of most desktop systems. Such monsters can, however, weight up to thrice the weight of an ultralight.mobilecomputingrightsahdfjk

Hard drive

The size of the hard drive is another important consideration to make when buying a laptop. You need to know if your laptop is meant to supplement a desktop or if it will be your primary computer. If it is your primary computer, then you need at least a hard drive of 60GB. If, however, it is a supplementary then, a hard drive of around 30GB will be enough.


To determine the right amount of memory for your system, you should look at how you intend to use the laptop. If have mundane needs like word processing, email, spreadsheets then, a 256MB RAM is enough. Most laptops have this common configuration so you will not require extra RAM. If you want to use the laptop for videography or photography, then you should stuff it with a bigger RAM.

Network connections

Computing today relies on internet connection. You need to be connected to wireless networks, the internet, corporate networks or some online service from your laptop. Laptops with inbuilt means of network connection will make your work easier if you intend to use such services.


mobilecomputingleftsahjdkfIf you are considering a buying a laptop, then you must know the price range and see if it suits your budget. Today as opposed to a few years ago laptop prices can go up to a thousand dollars. There are various financing options for buying laptops which are offered by manufacturers. Prices have come down making it fair for most people.

Before purchasing a laptop think well through these factors to help get the right laptop for your use. Also, take time to research on your specific needs before purchasing a laptop.